There is a lot to be said about Mr. Michael Austin or as most people know him by...Coach, AUS, or Michael.  He was loved by many, he was a mentor to even more.

The people who knew him well were blessed and the people whose lives he touched will never forget him.

We have set up this GoFundMe page for several reasons.  The number one reason is to raise money for Scholarships to be awarded in Michael's name.  Money that is raised here will also go to helping less fortunate youth who would like to participate in youth sports, but simply cannot because of financial reasons.  

Michael loved sports, he loved coaching the kids and it bothered him deeply when kids couldn't play because they couldn't afford to.  We would like to help him change that.

Thank you for visiting our page.
R.I.P. Michael.  We love you




Will be awarded to the selected recipients in the Spring of 2019